TJCONNECTS with London’s finest Hair Stylist – KASIA FORTUNA

TJCONNECTS with London’s finest Hair Stylist – KASIA FORTUNA

Hairstyles are great markers and signifiers, greatly influenced by culture, beliefs, fashion trend and social class. Many factors go into determining the best hairstyle aesthetic, from the Physical attributes of the individual, desired self-image, and the stylist’s artistic instinct . Everything has to be on point to deliver the best end product. Which means has a stylist, you have to trek a very thin line between exploring your bounds of creativity and managing the unpredictable customer’s satisfactory level. Styling is not just any work; you have to be innovative, passionate, and most importantly unique.

It doesn’t get any better than working in one of  UK’s largest Industry.

The UK fashion Industry is a huge one with huge stakes. It was reported last year by the British fashion council the UK fashion industry is worth a total staggering figure of 21 billion pounds.

The creative industry is not just about design, retail, and manufacturing. It is about the Talent in it. You need the best talent to be very competitive at the local level as well as the international scene.

One amazing talent that has shocked the Hairstyle & Makeup sector in the UK fashion industry in recent year has been one young lady by the name of Kasia Fortuna. Her craft on the hair of supermodels across the board stands out with her styling  signature.

Stylists compete on deadline in a very buzzing environment to create the most elaborate hairstyle using props, lights, and other fantastic accessories. Kasia’s effortless and simplistic touch on hairs of models and brides across the country is that of which sticks in your mind after your first glance.

Kasia has gone from working on her mate’s hair in her bedroom to working with the popular designer Joey Bevan on UK & Ireland’s next top models. Kasia has grown so fast and well sorted by various models, Photographers, Movie makers, TV producers and wedding planners to work on their projects. You can find her works in your MTV Music videos, and Bridal fashion magazines on WHSmith top shelves

Last week we finally did managed to catch up with London’s finest stylist Kasia

Hello Kasia


The Creative industry is a very tough and competitive one.  How did you manage to get yourself into it and get noticed within a short period?

The fashion industry is very challenging, to survive you have to be very diverse and really understand your client’s needs. For the first two months of starting my business, I would approach good photographers, stylists, designers and just try to build my portfolio and contacts after that it was just word of mouth.  I believe that I developed my style; I do a lot Avant Garde hair which is very experimental and innovative. I guess I’m just lucky that people like what I do.

It’s been hard getting hold of you due to your very busy schedule. Have you been shocked by the amount of professionals requesting to work with you and have your signature on their projects?

To be honest. Yes, I was shocked. When I just started I would look at portfolios of other creative people and get inspired, and then when I actually had a chance to meet them and work with them, of course I was a  bit overwhelmed especially that I’m still quite new to this industry.


What keeps you energised and inspired?

It’s very difficult to put my finger on one thing. The first thing that comes to my mind is my client’s gratitude. There is nothing better than seeing a smile on your clients face.  I always keep up to date on the latest trends but I like to push things a little further than that and push beyond the boundaries, have my own unique style. When I work on set and I’m very happy about the work I’ve produced, I always fill a sense of excitement before receiving the images from the photographer. Everything I see really inspires me.  Each inspires the other.  And to be honest, when you can be creative all day every day, do you really need any more motivation to get up in the morning?  I don’t. I get really excited every morning at the thought of what the day might bring.


What would you say is your favourite hairstyle at the moment?

I love anything from neat and elegant bridal styles to Avant Garde catwalk creations. I work best given the opportunity to explore my creativity. In Bridal styles my absolute favourite is a side bun; it suits almost everybody and looks fantastic. In fashion it would definitely have to be Mohawk, this hairstyle has so much impact; you couldn’t walk to a room unnoticed whilst wearing it.

You have worked with Top Models, musicians and high-profile fashion guru’s in the industry. Is there one person you dream of working with?

I would love to work with Vivienne, true style icon, innovative and a bit eccentric. Designing hair for her catwalk collection would a dream come true.


You work 7days a week, practically on call. When you get time off, how do you unwind?

I love good food, on a day off I like to go to a supermarket choose some nice fresh ingredients and cook something yummy or put on my favourite film ‘Pride and Prejudice’or go for a swim maybe.


For someone with so much success in a short pace of time, how have you managed to stay grounded and humble as you are?

I just feel so flattered when people from the industry recognise my name or my work.  I have so much more to learn. Often I’m, surrounded by people who have been in the industry for over 15 years and have so much more experience than me. I just feel so grateful and lucky to be doing what I love.


Talking about weddings and bridal make-up, there is so much pleasure in making a bride look outstanding on her special day. Do you still get nervous and anxious in the challenge of attaining the client’s approval and satisfaction?

Yes without a doubt, every single time.  People often ask me have I ever came across Bridezilla and the answer is no. I definitely agree that working on Brides is a lot harder than with models for example because on photo-shoot I can decide what I want to create.

When you think about it I am meeting a complete stranger for the first time and don’t know much about her preferences her lifestyle, her personal taste. That’s why the consolation beforehand is so important. I could create the most amazing hair and make-up but if the bride is not comfortable with the way she looks, I have failed. What I think with any client communication is the key. I really have to take the time to understand their needs.


Who is your biggest critic?

My boyfriend, without a doubt. He absolutely adores my work and is very supportive of everything I do, but as a very business minded person, he doesn’t approve of all my decisions. To start with I was quite stubborn and wanted to do thing my way but soon learned that his 6 years’ experience in running a very successful company probably makes him the best business advisor.


Your fellow professionals have described you as an artist, Top Stylist, creative genius. This is very flattering, what do you describe yourself as?

I’d like to think that workwise  I’m  very creative person with unique style and a lot of diversity I take a real pride in my work but I’m also approachable and down to earth.

For a young person out there trying to get into the industry, what are your advice for them?

Search for someone who inspires you and contacts them, attend their worships, fashion shows etc., find out who they are working with, contact them too. Be persistent. I think that you should never be intimidated by anybody and don’t be scared to approach potential clients. The worst they might say is ‘no’. Websites like twitter and Facebook, ‘model mayhem’, ‘who is testing’ are really good places to search for potential clients.

If you have a job and planning to go down creative route save up enough money first and prepare yourself to work for free, for at least first 6 months. If you don’t get discouraged after that the only way is up.

Good Luck. I’m always here to help

Any big project coming soon we need to know of?

There are a few potential big projects I might be involved in but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet.

Thanks for your time Kasia. It’s been a pleasure.

For more info about Kasia Fortuna

Facebook: Kasia Fortuna Hair Designer

Twitter: @KasiaFortunaHi

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