Store Culture – Cos

As an aspiring creative director and content creator. I will be over the next weeks, months and hopefully years to come introducing you to some of the creative concepts and projects I will be working on.

Store Culture – Cos


Store culture is a unique concept we came up with at Inksoil some months ago. 

What is Inksoil?

Inksoil is currently a collective of creative minds.

Painters, Architects, Videographers, Developers, UX designers, Pop culture curators, Photographers, and Writers.

The long-term goal at Inksoil is to become a fully fledge cross-platform creative agency that design and develop awesome Products.

Store Culture Brief

To Capture how  Consumers interact with products on the shop floor.

How the space architecture aligns with the product layout.

The colour and the quality.

How choices and interaction are made off the sense of smell, sight and sound .

As we know it – Retail might be a thing of the past in the next decade with the growth of online shopping

So we want to catalogue this experiences and relationship with little or no distractions. 

Our approach is to do more with less – No big camera, No rigs, No Lights, No sound man .

Just a small cam and the creator.

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