Online Security Tips

Online Security Tips

Keep Devices and Connections Safe

  • Use passwords, swipe patterns, or other locks on all business and personal devices
  • Enable security measures—system passwords, firewalls, anti-virus software, etc.—on your home networks, particularly wireless systems
  • When possible, use a corporate VPN to establish remote connections to business systems 

Set Boundaries for Data

  • Be cautious about removing sensitive files and information from your corporate office
  • Do not store confidential business data on your personal devices
  • Limit the amount of personal content you place on business devices
  • Do not allow friends, spouses, or children to use corporate devices or accounts

Stay Alert and Cautious When Online

  • Be smart about what you click and download
  • Shortened URLs can hide dangerous links
  • Pop-ups and ads often contain malware
  • Dangerous apps and files can compromise your data and devices
  • Pirated content is particularly dangerous (and illegal)

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