One would think the coalition of conservative and liberal democrats on the 22nd of May 2010 in the United Kingdom would sign Nick Clegg the liberal democrat  yellow charismatic leader into the Greatest history books.

This was a Unique Coalition which saw a Unique Effect for the Assistant-Prime Minister. Just a day after the first and ever TV political debate running up to the election , Nick Clegg made headlines across the Atlantic, and was on the front page of every newspaper in the UK. The whole population seemed to have been infected by the Cleggy virus. Clegg was the talk in every caffe, corner shop and pubs. The only person that recorded a soaring popularity like Clegg on the run-up to any general election in the UK  was the former Prime Minister,Tony Blair . and certainly took a long period of time before the bubble busted after the invasion of Iraq.

One would think the electorate would pause,think and  ask the real important question about the idea of merging a right political bunch with a far left party?Sadly, no one did, and if any , certainly  didn’t have a voice. but due to the financial chaos of country after the global recession ,aided by the unappealing character of the Labour front runner Mr Gordon Brown , the former chancellor who forced his way  into NO10.

The electorate weren’t patient enough and simply kept on voting the liberal democrat and conservative simultaneously to kick Mr Brown out of the downing street . Majority of the Liberal democrat winning votes came from the students who were conned into believing liberal democrat would scrap off their heavy tuition fees burden when elected into office. however the reverse was the case when there was no majority win by either Labour ,conservative or Liberal .

Suddenly Nick Clegg became the king maker, he was the minority party that suddenly rose to an unwarranted popularity dominance. people couldn’t get enough of Nick Clegg , he was the man of the moment. he was the man of the week,month and sadly didn’t make it to become the man of the year.  Nick Clegg knowing he could form a majority party by coalition with either Right political wing Conservative or his more familiar left counterpart labour took his time in flirting with both parties.

After consulting with both left and right , Mr Clegg decided to form a majority government with Mr Cameron’s conservative. weird! one would say with both parties contrast ideological views. But no one certainly cared, they all just wanted Mr Brown out of office.

So the coalition was formed, contract formed,cabinet formed. but it doesn’t take rocket science to identify this coalition was the most ridiculous concussion in century from the onset. How do you form a coalition government with a party with which you are starkingly opposite with in ideology,policy and mandates. however, we were made to believe this was all done in other to repair the demolished economy of the country . Even the tabloid and political commentators across the Globe went as far as calling it a matrimony sanctified in heaven.

well, since then we have seen many unpopular bills signed into law of which are mostly conservative. david Cameron has overshadowed Nick clegg and indirectly robbed off his little remaining shine. They tactically bullied their policy, budgets and plan through while simultaneously propping up their own stars(William Hague) and undermining the Liberal democrats stars like Vince Cable .

Nickclegg and the Liberal party have suffered a heavy backlash.They gone from flying in the sky to crashing into graves.  Nick clegg went from promising the student he would scrap the school fees to colliding with the Conservative parrty in increasing the Tution fee to a new fee record and an all time high of £9,000. Nick Clegg went from being the charmer to being pelted with paints.  A lot of liberal Mp’s and councillors have been kicked out of office at the local council election. The student and public have taken out all their frustrations at the polls on Nick Cleggs party not the conservatives. It as certainly gone so bad for the party , the chance of them governing or being part of any government again is very little or NO -CHANCE!

Some would say it was their only chance of getting into goverment , so they had to grab it. Yes, i’ll say grab it , only if it wont burn you. And if it burns you , its simple common sense you should drop it.

The coalition is definately hurting one party while crediting the other. After this term in office, its only one person that would be commanding the respect and getting new Job roles in the international scene. And thats most definately not Nick clegg, its David cameron. The smarter one.

There is no coming back for Nick Clegg and his party from this sham marriage.

Nick Clegg would be remembered as the charismatic man who took the student for mugs but was paid back by the law of karma. The man was turned into a new fashion mug electorates can dump their political frustrations.


Nick clegg would go down in history as the man who signed his party into the dead books of history .

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