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The advantages and disadvantages of power capacitors from the perspective of terminals and discharge resistors

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Parallel power capacitors have the function of compensating reactive power, improving power factor, improving power quality, and reducing line loss. However, in the daily use of power capacitors, it is inevitable that they will encounter damage and need to replace new power capacitors. If we rush to touch the power capacitors, it will endanger our personal safety.

Advantages of power capacitor terminals

The terminal block of the power capacitor has a certain improvement in strength and similar products. At the same time, the cable interface is also increased, which is more in line with the characteristics of China. Moreover, the terminal block of the power capacitor has a protection device. If the terminal block fails, it is directly replaced after the power is turned off and the discharge is completed.

The role of power capacitor discharge resistance

1 When the power capacitor stops running, the discharge resistor can protect the residual charge from personal safety.

2 When the power capacitor resumes power transmission, the overvoltage protection device of the power capacitor from the residual charge is avoided.

Design requirements for discharge capacitors of power capacitors

In order to protect the safety of the maintenance and operation personnel, the power capacitor should have a built-in discharge resistor, and the built-in discharge resistor can release the electric energy through the internal medium. Within 3 minutes after the power capacitor stops running, the power capacitor discharge resistor will reduce the voltage between the terminals to below 50V, thereby ensuring the personal safety of the power capacitor operator.

In addition to the need to ensure safety of the terminals and discharge resistors, the advantages and disadvantages of power capacitors can be seen from the perspective of safety protection.

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