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What is a transformer neutral ground...
Views:    2019-01-07
The transformer neutral grounding resistance cabinet is to add a resistor between the grounding phase and the neutral point of the transformer when a single-phase grounding fault occurs, which can limit the single-phase grounding fault current.The neutral point grounding method of the power distribution system usually has a neutral point that is not grounded, a neutral point is grounded through the resistor, and a neutral point is grounded via the arc suppression coil. Different grounding methods are used and the way of use is different.
Structure and function of arc protec...
Views:    2019-01-07
The purpose of arc protection is to protect nearby workers and equipment by limiting arc burn time in the event of an arc fault. Arc protection must first detect the fault arc before it can shut off the fault current flowing through it. In the internal fault protection of the low and medium switchgear, the fault arc is usually extinguished by tripping the circuit breaker to remove the fault. Arc burning is accompanied by radiation in the form of light, sound and electromagnetic waves.
The advantages and disadvantages of ...
Views:    2019-01-07
Parallel power capacitors have the function of compensating reactive power, improving power factor, improving power quality, and reducing line loss. However, in the daily use of power capacitors, it is inevitable that they will encounter damage and need to replace new power capacitors. If we rush to touch the power capacitors, it will endanger our personal safety.
Views:    2019-01-03
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