Content Marketing Explained

Content Marketing Explained

In todays digital world and global market , content marketing is such a critical part of every business marketing strategy.

To be present in the mind of you customers and visible enough for you customers to find you and stay with you needs a strong content marketing strategy .

There are just too many products , competition , information and resources out there it make it hard for buyers to see or find you in a big market. With good content , you can break through the noise and reach your intended audience.

so what is content marketing ?

Content marketing is the process of creating valuable , relevant content to attract , acquire and engage the targeted audience. 

what makes a good content marketing

  • Your content must be able to engage individuals on their own terms
  • based on interactions with your customers
  • Your content must tell a continuos and engaging  story .
  • The content created must be channel specific
  • Your content must have a clear purpose
  • Your content must have an end goal . (success criteria)
  • Your content must have a healthy lifespan.
  • Your content should be about thought leadership rather than selling

Considering 93% of the buying journey starts with a search online , content marketing brings with it so many benefits to your business

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach more customers at a lower cost .
  • Position you as a though leader in the industry



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