7 steps to Jumpstart Your Music Career

7 steps to jumpstart Your Music Career

Have you ever started something and along the way you kind of wished you could start all over again?  Because you are better informed to make better decision on your starting steps.

Well, if you are just starting out as a musician or feel like starting all over again because everything isn’t going as planned. Here are my 7 steps to jumpstart your musical career all over again.

Creative Direction

You can call me old skool if you like , and this can sometimes be conflicting as  a guy who once put on the A&R  hat while I was in management . I strongly believe the creative direction of a musical project should only be set by the artist . Yes ! The process of making the music and defining your own sound should not be credited to anyone else but yourself. Hence why every artist must take the time to discover and develop this while finding him or herself. Don’t rush this process . It is very crucial to everything you do next.


Identifying the demographic and type of people your sound appeals to is very important. This is the only way you can know your current fanbase and be able to best target the potential group of people,  that hopefully will be converted into new fans. A simple way of doing this is by conducting a faceless research. It’s not expensive . If you are serious about your music and fan base growth . You will research now!

Digital Presence

It’s important to have a digital presence online. . An interactive, intuitive and mobile adaptive website is important for every artist.  .That is the fastest and easiest way people can contact you all over the globe. Alongside this is an effective and active social media strategy . This is your PR tool . Your adequate implementation of this will help you establish and maintain a healthy relationship  with your fanbase.


Streaming can no longer be ignored. You need a cohesive and aggregated channels to distribute and have your music readily available for fans. (Spotify , Soundcloud , Applemusic, Youtube ) focus on increasing subscription alongside views and streams. Don’t look for deals or record labels. You have the exact tools they use which are handy and available to you at the touch of a screen on your mobile device.


Your image and how you carry the brand is very important . It has to be consistent. So it’s key to understand what your brand is all about. Maintain, monitor and measure what effects it has on your business. Some artist are naturally liked and loved. The looks work with female fans while originality works well with male fans. Dont fake or cultivate a fake personality . If you do – You will have to act all of your life. Just be yourself . There is only one you .


Touring , Local gigs, event, and appearance needs to be addressed as a separate entity .You must set booking cost on all of these type of events and gigs ( flexibility should have a range) . Some artist burn and crash when they try to do all these things by themselves. You need someone to help you – Help you find the Unpaid gigs that will add value to your brand , and also take paid bookings that will reward your efforts and investments.


This is one of the most important structure’s that has to be set up . This will define the success and failure of any project . Establish and understand the needed human capital and skills (expertise) . The goal and objective of the project must be well communicated to the team onboard. So each person has to understand the responsibility and task involved in delivering.  There are tons of interns out there to help with administrative duties on the fly .

Feel free to consult me about your project if you are just starting out as an artist or want to kickstart your music career all over again . I am no expert but have some hands on experience working in this industry and sometimes behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in the industry ( I mean Afropop ) .

Best of luck 🙂


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