3 Ways To Build Ethical Backlinks

3 Ways To Build Ethical Backlinks

There are 3 ways to build backlinks and increase your search ranking on the biggest search engine, google. 

These 3 ways are the best ways to approach building backlinks without getting blacklisted by google.

For those of you who are new into SEO just like myself and don’t understand backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks is an SEO terminology for an hyperlink of a page linking back to your own web page or site.

This is also sometimes called Inbound links. The biggest search engine google uses these backlinks to consider how relevant and popular your website /blog are in search result pages.

How do you build organic backlinks without hurting your site?

  1. Create great contents littered with useful information that other people want to link to.
  2. Personally contact other websites/bloggers that are relevant to what you do and build a relationship with them that includes linking. A very good way I do this by writing special editorials exclusively for other blogs.
  3. Performing incredible customer service. By doing this , your happy customers will recommend you on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Lastly , it is important to understand your website has to be technically optimised and have a strong site architecture. otherwise , this will backfire and have a negative effect on user experience.

what do i mean by this?

  • Make sure your loading speed is good enough, and
  • Check to make sure your google mobile friendliness is good.

With all these little tweaks, you can surely over a period of time create strong ethical backlinks that will alert google you are a relevant site to always crawl out when a search is made relevant to your site.

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