3 JEANS Better Than 30 Pairs.

3 JEANS Better Than 30 Pairs.

Jeans were originally designed for cowboys in the States, but now very popular among youths and a wardrobe essential. Are we simply buying too many jeans than needed?

Some would say YES, Others would say No. I personally possess a collection of more than 30 Jeans . Is it just simply too much? I’d say, Yes.

Almost all fashion house and designers nowadays flock out so many jeans in their stores and catalogue collection.  We buy, buy, and buy.  Different colours, style, texture.

Going through my wardrobe on a lazy Sunday weekend, I discovered a lot about my Jean collection.   I had so many jeans I had bought over the months and years. Jeans sat in one spot with their shop tags on the belt loop for years abandoned. Jeans with absolute no use.

I also found out some jeans I had used for just a couple of month to retire to no more good after washing. I am talking about jeans from good household brand names.

I also calculated over the past three years with the collection of my 30 pairs of jeans, in the past  6 months I remained locked to 3 jeans on rotation whenever I need one for an outing. There was one, in particular, I loved most, it fits with any Top, on any shoe and goes with any occasion. It was a Jean revelation.

So the questions are; Are your Jeans fit for purpose? If so, how many do you really need?

Why spend so much on many pieces of jeans when you can spend the same amount or less on 3 top jeans that fit for purpose. Why own so many when you only use a few.

The following below are my Top 3 jean you can rely on. The jeans have the Timeless wash, Fits You well, and ooze’s with originality. I am talking about the original denim.

Levis: This is the leader of the market in the branded denim category, if you are someone like me who loves a good brand, this you can opt for and would never disappoint you.

Evisu: the Japanese tailor Yamane-san hated the mass- production of jeans and opted for producing Vintage jeans. The longevity of Evisu jeans has been well-tested and tried over the time.

Diesel: being comfortable in your jeans is the most important thing; after all, even the best-looking pair of jeans will look odd if you’re uncomfortable in them. Let me go without saying. In diesel, you can find this comfort

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