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So my current read is about capitalism. But before we get into that, one good habit I have been trying to cultivate and implement in my life is reading more books.

I have never been the type of guy into books. I would say I was more into my music and Tv.

I guess that is the result of my childhood uncooperative behaviours with my tutors and parents.

However, As I am now a grown adult in the habit of sourcing more ways to add value to my everyday life, I have discovered reading is the best way to knowledge bank and enlarge the scope of your mind beyond that of which you already know.

So, from now on – I will be updating you from time to time on the books I am reading. Share some of the knowledge I tap from the source and hopefully, along the line encourage my readers to cultivate the same habit.

So let us get into it straight.

The book I am currently reading is 23 things the don’t tell you about Capitalism by Ha-Joon. 

In this revelatory book, Ha-Joon Chang destroys the biggest myths of our times and shows us an alternative view of the world, including:

  • There’s no such thing as a ‘free’ market
  • Globalization isn’t making the world richer
  • We don’t live in a digital world – the washing machine has changed lives more than the internet
  • Poor countries are more entrepreneurial than rich ones
  • Higher paid managers don’t produce better results

We don’t have to accept things as they are any longer. Ha-Joon Chang is here to show us there’s a better way.



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